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Open Car Transport

Open Car transport is where the vehicle is loaded onto a multi-car transporter to be shipped along with other cars. You may have seen those huge transport trucks packed with vehicles; that is what is called outdoor car shipping.

It's also possible to ship a single vehicle on a flatbed truck with open-air car shipping, but it's usually more expensive. Most of the time, those cars go to a dealership.

Open air car shipping is one of the most affordable and popular methods of moving a vehicle to a needed location, however if weather, road debris, or other potential issues are a concern, the customer may prefer to have the peace of mind of obtaining complete protection with our enclosed transport offers.

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Enclosed Car Transport

Better protection at the best price. Enclosed shipping offers protection from the elements to keep your vehicle safe. The auto transport industry has 2 types of closed shipping methods: hard side and soft side.

Closed shipping with rigid sides is what we recommend for that extra layer of protection. If you're concerned that road hazards or volatile weather could be a problem, the rigid enclosure is the ideal option for you. Weather and travel conditions will be ruled out as your vehicle is secure and locked from the outside. Another advantage of closed transport with rigid sides is that your vehicle remains hidden from wandering eyes.

Vinyl or tarp is used to protect and cover vehicles in soft-sided enclosed carriers and offers limited protection from weather and road hazards, even more protection than open-air carrier offerings. Wind, rain and small rocks will be prevented from damaging your vehicle with the soft sided enclosed carrier.

Door to Door

Door-to-door shipping offers the customer the convenience of having their vehicle picked up and dropped off at the location specified by you.

There may be circumstances that prevent a driver from reaching a specific location, such as apartment complexes, unsafe roads, or roads with low tree limbs. Should a problem arise, our drivers will be happy to meet you at a location that is closest and most convenient for you.


Bait And Switch:

This is the most common type of auto transport scam. A company will provide you with a very low price to ship your car. Then they try to get more money when it comes to moving your car.


The industry is being attacked by very bad business scam companies!

Don't fall for the bait and switch.

Some brokers will give you fake numbers just to get you to pay and sign, and then your vehicle will not get picked up or they will comeback charging you double the money.

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This company saved me when I was truly taken advantage of by another company. Ian communicated with me every step of the way and was able to get me a great price despite the increase in fuel prices. This company doesn’t stop when they get you a carrier, they continue to keep you updated every step through the process in a kind and professional manner. The car shipping industry can be hard to navigate and find a great company, but this truly is one, I would recommend this to anyone and I will be using it again.  

Casey Jane Powers
I shipped 3 cars in 1 week with UForce! They had everything lined up and didn’t mess around. They were true professionals and every car got there in same condition as when it left. 

Will be my go to shipper as I continue to acquire more vehicles. Thank you Ian and Chris for being stand up gentleman. 

Sanu Dhillon

I had never had to transport a car before and I will be honest.. I was very nervous about the whole process. Ian was great and explained everything to me to help release my anxiety. I would definitely recommend and will probably use them in the future if I need a car transported again. Chris was great to work with as well. They communicated with me so great and always where available to answer my questions and believe me I had alot.. highly trustworthy and committed to getting you the best deal. Thank you again so much! 

Amanda Sanders
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